Do you want to know how to conceive a boy? A lot of couples out there want to be able to pick the gender of their baby and you want to do that as well. You want to have the baby boy of your dreams and you should be able to make that happen. If you choose to have a baby boy, you probably think on what are the ways on how to conceive a boy.

how to conceive a boy

Well did you know that your man produces two types of sperm? That two type of sperm are Y chromosome sperm and X chromosome sperm. Y sperm are male and X sperm are female. Y sperm can survive in more alkaline conditions and X sperm can survive in acidic conditions.  X sperm are slow swimmers but have higher stamina and do not tire easily. Y sperm are faster but tire easily.

Based on this information, it is entirely possible to work towards making the conception more suitable for X or Y sperm, depending on our preference! In the case of wanting to conceive a boy, the conditions must be made favourable for Y sperm so that there is a better chance of the egg fertilizing with one, and conceiving a baby boy (XY)!

Here are some tips to conceive a baby boy:

Change your diet

The first tip is to change your diet to eat foods that are alkaline. Eating a diet rich in these foods helps to create an environment that is perfect for a little boy to grow in. Females should reduce the milk and milk based products in order to conceive a baby boy. While at the same time your man should have coffee before sex. The reason for this is because there are basically two types of male sperm. One type that produce boys, while the other that produce girls.

It is important to eat healthy everyday and don’t forget not to miss the most important meal of the day – your breakfast. Woman who consume healthy cereals at breakfast, are more likely to conceive boy babies. Diet plays an important factor in boosting the sperm which produces the boys to become more active and to instantly become fertile with your egg. Foods which must be consumed daily: salt, fruit juice, meat of fish, banana. These will not only ensure that you get pregnant with a boy, but they will make him healthy as well.

Ovulation timings

If you want to be pregnant with a baby boy, you should have sex just before your ovulation starts (preferably just 24 hours before). Being off a day or two from ovulation can result in a girl. The reason the timing is so important is that it ensures the male sperm will reach the egg first to fertilize them as soon as it is released from the ovaries.

Love making positions

The sperm that produces the baby boys are pretty stronger. However, it has got only a short life span. You should give a chance for the male sperm to directly swim towards the egg. The sperm that produces the boy are expert swimmers. So if you use the right positions it will get you your sweet little boy much to your delight.

It is said that when you want to conceive a baby boy, there should be deep penetration by your partner; if possible the position of “doggy style” will give a good result as it will deposit sperms closer to your cervix and give quicker and aggressive moving “boy” sperms to fertilize the egg.

Woman orgasms before the man

When the woman orgasms (during sex) before the man, the chances of conceiving a boy are greatly increased. When a woman orgasms, the secretions within the vagina that occur during an orgasm, shift the PH balance at the cervix to being more alkaline, allowing the Y sperm the perfect environment they need to make it through the cervix, and to the waiting egg.

Please note that all tips are based on the natural methods. I sincerely hope that you choose the natural methods so that it is free from any side effects and will not create any harm for your body while at the same time allow you to conceive your sweet little baby boy you desperately wanted for.

how to conceive a boy naturally

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